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Serving Plainview, Texas and the surrounding communities for over 70 years.

Who We Serve
Our Clients
  • Landowners
  • Injured Parties
  • The Accused

  • Landowners

    Our firm focuses on the representation of landowners and their legal issues. Some of our notable published cases include:

  • Ownership Disputes where the judgment exceeded $700,000
  • Trespass/Condemnation of Gas Pipeline
  • Adverse Possession
  • Validity of Conveyances
  • Royalty Litigation
  • Current issues of significant importance is the expansion of wind energy into our region.

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    Injured Parties

    Our firm represents clients who have been previously injured or whose property has been harmed. Notable published cases include:

  • Burn injury - settlement exceeding $400,000
  • Nursing home negligence - settlement exceeding $1,000,000
  • Fire damage to property - settlement exceeding $400,000
  • Wrongful death/products liability - settlement exceeding $300,000
  • Automobile accident - Judgment exceeding $1,000,000
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    The Accused

    Our firm assists persons who have been accused of crimes or have been wrongfully imprisoned. Notable published cases include:

  • Murder - Acquittal Self-defense
  • Drug possession/delivery - Exoneration by pardon
  • Wrongful imprisonment - over 20 claims totaling in excess of $2,000,000
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